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Amazing in almost every way. This person is outgoing, crazy and has very little shame. Many people believe this is directly linked to the fact that it is spelt with only one L.

This person is someone you want to take everywhere, like a tampon, or condom or a can of silly string.
"Another word for the life of the party is totes Gilian"
"Dude, you're kinda depressive, you really need a Gilian in your life"
by The.All.Knowing.1 November 23, 2011
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Gilian is a very nice person. She is very shy and quiet but sometimes loud with her friends. She is a smart person and very beautiful. She is very funny and very close friend with Nevaeh Smith
Nevaeh: Hey! Wanna go swimming with me at the beach?
Gilian: Ok! Sea ya later

by Gilian Boquiren May 10, 2018
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