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US History teacher, loving father, devoted husband, sucessful lawyer, decorated soldier, pimp, potato farmer and breakdancer; the ripped man responsible for the creation of the universe. Known worldwide for his penis of enormous magnitude (Roughly 30-40 million feet on a bad day) and his extreme good looks. He has been labeled the baddest dude ever and is worshiped in cult fashion by many. His skills include giving accurate monetary equivalents from year to year after accounting for inflation in any currency. Ex. "The cost of buying a Sea-Monkey farm in 1875 was roughly thirteen dollars, or in today's terms...eighty billion dollars". Also known for his quote butchering, but we can't say anything because we will get our asses beat if we do, and Giesler has the ability to edit history as he sees fit. Ex. "Of the 500 thousand billion pages of history I've read, Ben Franklin's best quote, to me, was the time when he said 'Hit the Road Jack, and don't you come back...or I'll shit on your face'". His famous Peter Gryffin-esque laugh and accent earned him aquaintences such as the famous physicist Spahr, David

Alias(es):(The) Iceman, Huge Dick, Yahweh, Jahova, God

Fun Fact: Karl used to sing lead for the band ACDC
Karl Giesler will kick your ass.
Karl Giesler is a pimp.
My ass was kicked by Karl Giesler.

(adj.)- meaning cool
That shirt is so Giesler!
He is the Gieslerest kid in school!
by Jesus "Tapdancing" Christ April 28, 2005
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