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A very outgoing girl, beautiful and funny.
Gianah has a unique and creative mind, and sticks up to whatever she believes in, a person you can count on and someone who cares for others
Person A: Is that girl over there Gianah?
Person B: Yeah! I heard she's very fun to hangout with!
Person C: Woah she's soo pretty
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by estelle48 March 05, 2019
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gianah is a very hot and gorgeous girl. She will take your breath away.Shes so adorable and funny.She is the loyalest put their. leave her and you will regret it! She’s sensitive but make her mad and your life is over. Unless she loves you, she will spoil you with love and attention and affection. Don’t hurt her you will regret it.
wow what a gianah
by anonyy October 03, 2019
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