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Is a girl who stands up for herself; doesnt't take no for an answer; will not let anyone walk all over her; beautiful on the inside and out, but won't believe you if you tell her. Any guy would be lucky to have her, only every guy wants to have her.
Guy 1: Has Giacomina txt you?
Guy 2: No. I heard shes dating HIM.

Guy 1: Nah she broke up with him, he didn't treat her right.
Guy 2: Maybe I should hit her up again.
Guy 1: If you do be ready for a tough girl.
Guy 2: I know what I'm in for and I want her.
by peach ring October 04, 2011
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This girl is usually italian,wears expensive glasses and clothes,mimics animals, is very spoiled, and plays soccer, but wishes she was a cheerleader.
Look at that girl, she's such a giacomina gosh!
by mbabysbabyebaby November 11, 2009
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