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A word commonly used to describe a feeling of great mental and/or emotional pain. Used to replace a grunt or a moan in texting situations. Always used by students at preparatory highschools while doing their homework at hours past 1am. Upon saying "ghrug" the user gets a 5 second burst of motivation followed by a failed suicide attempt
....dude i have been working since 4pm straight until 2am and i have only finished the history outline..."

Max-"Dude i am so ghruged today too...i havent even started my outline and i still have the essay to finish"

Alberto, "Our lives are ghrugging harsh, why dont other people have so much homework?"

Max, "because they dont go to prep,god-daamit, our teachers dont have lives...two 3 page essays in one day in addition to 2 tests..WHAT THE FUCK"
by hannibal23 January 17, 2010
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