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A game that was made in Malasia, nearly the same as Maplestory.
It has three classes to choose from, Mage,Warrior,and Rougue.
The only main things that differ it from Maplestory is that you may meditate, run fast, jump high, and gather spirits.
Dussel: hmmmm im bored... Ghost online is trying to make me collect 100 purple spirits that hardly ever appear... better meditate....
*bobs up and down while malasian kanji appear in the background*
Dussel:... Well i guess i should get started....
*turns on the skill that lets you run*
Dussel:... That platform looks kinda high...
*jumps while holding cntrl*
Dussel:Ok, a blue scorpion *slashes*
Dussel: Ok FINALLY after 10 scorpions, A BLUE spirit... :/
by Dussel June 04, 2007
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