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When someone trips or falls for no good reason and nothing is around to trip you
John hit a Ghost hole and fell in the street
by Firestorm88 July 27, 2016
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1. The ghost of your dead wife shoving her finger in your ass while you have sex.
2. Used in a sentence : If you have sex with some other bitch after I am gone, I am totally going to ghost hole the fuck out of you!
by Baboonishiwa November 21, 2013
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(n.) as in to "get the ghosthole." When you think you're inside, but really it's a fake out and yr just between the thighs.

Figuratively, whenever you think you're currently getting something you want, but in reality yr not.
That girl was not feelin it last night, I thought it was goin well, but she gave me the ghosthole.


This party was supposed to be really awesome. i guess we got the ghosthole.
by the Pyramid of Lasers March 21, 2010
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Someone who may not overtly be an asshole, but still shows a lack of consideration/respect for others and/or emotional cowardice as demonstrated by an objectively out-of-the-blue ghost.
"I showed my friend the message exchange with that guy I met on Tinder and she agreed that he was being a massive ghosthole."
by suchadietcokehead September 01, 2018
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