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A Travel Channel television program about ghost-hunting that is a complete fraud led by a guy named Zak, who behaves like a high school cheerleader. A sorry excuse for evidence accompanied by unintentionally comedic moments where an "investigator" obviously fabricates evidence and/or experiences.

To enthusiastically commit a public fraud amidst self-absorbed douchbaggery.
Viewer 1: Did you see that Ghost Adventurers special on Halloween eve?
Viwerer 2: I did and I will never get those 7 hours back.
Viewer 1: I still don't get it, how does something fail so miserably?
Viewer 2: It's easy - you place everything in the hands of amateurs who are simply giggly about getting air time. It's no different than the old public TV programs featuring high school kids.

The Ghost Adventurers on the Travel Channel remind me of George W. Bush leading us into the Iraq War. What a fraudulent collection of self-absorbed douchbaggery!
by Fraud Exposer November 02, 2009
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