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Exotic Arabic name. Used for girls. Is the Arabic plural noun for deer.

The most beautiful girl in Arabia.

Shares the beautiful almond-shaped eyes of deer, very mesmerizing.

People usually name one daughter Ghizlan, and the other Noor.

Nicknames: GHAZOOLA.
Mom: Ghazoola honey, I was going to name you Giselle, but chose Ghizlan instead, because you look like a cute little Bambi!

Check out Ghizlan she's sooooooo hooooottttttttttt.

No No I'm not going with you you're so SKETCH! I'd rather go with Ghizlan, she's gorgeous and smart and reliable and wonderful!

ghizlan is the best girl in the world.

I love the name Ghizlan, I also use the nickname Giz, gizgiz, G, and my favorite, GHAZOOOOLA!
by gizlove May 17, 2009
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Ghizlan is known for the hottest and most badass girl ever . She can take anybody she wants whenever she wants cause they all would do anything for her .

If you’re best friends with a ghizlan you’re intoruble cause everyone is going to compare you to and trust me she’s going to be the gorgeous one

She has body goals and not just that she’s usually really sweet funny and goofy she has a lot of friends and no one can tell her what to do if you mess with her you won’t be coming out of the fight alive .
Boy :Omg ghizlan is so hot

Girls: why does she get everyone ?
Boy: fuck u I’m leaving u for her
by Ghizlannn / ghezlan August 18, 2019
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