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Language commonly affiliated with blacks, usually heard in the ghetto, hood, projects, local K-mart, etc. Mainly derived from blacks to code and hide their conversations, much like the creation of leetspeak.
A typical ghettospeak conversation:

Tyrone: Aye, lil J , we be gettin our whip game propa at da club tonite niggah?
Lil J: Yeh son daym, we gon get hyphy up in that bizzitch, muh nug!
Quentin: Foo! When we be rollin' out of dis bitch?!
Lil J: HAIL FOO! You in some hurry? Axe Tyrone main.

by couragealex July 23, 2009
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Someone who cannot speak coherently.
Ghetto: Man, dju hear dat rap song yestaday? she tight! her is so sexy. I want to aks her out!

Non-Ghetto: Stop speaking like shit and get some grammar lessons.

ghetto speak
by Buffalo Wings Are Good November 21, 2009
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