The act or nature of being ghettto.
There is alot of ghettoism surrounding us.
There is alot of ghettoism in here.
by Frankydee March 09, 2011
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ghettoism is a religion in which you worship satan. You sacrifice a pair of "fresh kicks" each year. You also feed off of "platanos and salami" and you listen to satan's music, aka: Lil wayne, T-pain, Mary J blige, etc. to repel a ghetto, you must throw fresh mud on their "kicks" They'll go away, screaming and hunting down their next prey. Ghetto's are usually seen in the poorest regions of NYC, los angeles, atlanta, etc. They are wht they call "aim feens" and own a sidekick on which they access aim from. They also own myspaces where they take racy pictures and post them up for their "baby daddy's" to see. They also take pisture's in shirts that say, Aeropostale 1987 or simply Aero. They believe that Aeropostale is the finest in quality clothing. They are wrong. If you want to be accepted into society, don't be a ghetto. GHETTO=FAIL.
black peoplethe bronxNew York CityGhetto PeopleGhettoism
by familyguyfan330 September 02, 2009
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A religion based on the physiology and the ways of Ghetto Man. A person who is a Ghettoist still believes in God, but yet follows the ways of Ghetto Man.
1) "We can't shop in Hollister! The church of Ghettoism will abolish us!"

2) "Ghettoism is the answer. Being ghetto is the solution."

3) "The ghetto way, is the only way. See how Ghettoism can help you today!"
by silentjoe93 May 05, 2010
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how people who live in the ghetto act
i strongly believe in ghettoism and that carrying this sack a grass and pumping this pistol got nothin to do with smokin the crystal and if youd like to follow in my ways be my guest we got it locked down from the east to the west
by jaa drool September 20, 2003
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