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When one flushes the toilet while sitting on it causing the water to cleanse their ass like a bidet would do. For maximum efficiency it is recommended that one should dip their ass slightly into the bowl of the toilet, thus splashing more water between the cheeks.
When making use of the ghetto bidet one should make sure the toilet is empty. You do not want a cold wave of piss showering your anus.
by TKFT January 09, 2013
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A clink on a webpage that you can lick.
ie a spoonerism of clickable link
For more info there's a lickable clink in the description
by sloth242 January 11, 2010
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when your taking a big shit, and it hits the toilet water and then, the water splashes your a-hole. (Just like a kid cannonballing into the pool)
Dude I just gave myself a ghetto bidet
by _cpek December 08, 2017
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