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Referring to a rusty torn up outdoors basketball court. Usually in the ghetto and hoops are replaced with chains. Most of the time, there are cracks in the concrete from homies doing extreme balling with good j's on. As these aren't the best balling area for most, ghetto dunks are almost always abandoned. You may usually find ghetto dunks at parks or schools, particularly Junior High Schools.
Bruce: Hey Jimmy, do you want to go ball with me at the ghetto dunks after lunch?
Jimmy: Sounds awesome! I'll bring some of my homies with me and we can do 2 on 2.
Bruce: Sweet, I can't wait! I bet it'll be wiped of peeps just like yesterday!
Jimmy: I bet you a half-court shot there won't be anybody but us and the g's there!
Bruce: Deal!
by CaptainCatLoaf April 30, 2015
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by A. Danish November 27, 2007
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