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Made popular by T-Pain's Freaknik musical special. 10 commandments that gangstas must live by. The commandments are as follows

1. If thou art a bitch ass nigga, thou shall not breath.
2. Puff Puff Giveth.
3. Thou shall not loveth thy hoe.
4. Thou shall not Knocketh thy hustle.
5. Real shalt recognize real.
6. Thou shall not pop bottles on models.
7. It's no fun if the homies Getteth none.
8. Never covet thy neighbors hoe.
9. Thou shall not snitch.
10. FUCKETH the police.
Break any of the Ghetto Commandments and Trap Jesus will smite thee
by rallymonkey12 May 19, 2012
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The 10 rules any G must follow at all times. If not they do not follow they are a bitch and therefore do not need to breathe.
The Ghetto Commandments
I. If thou art a bitch te shall not breathe.
II. Puff, puff giveth.
III. Thou shalt not snitch.
IV. Thou shalt not loveth thy hoes.
V. Thou shan't knock the hustle.
VI. Real shast recogonize real
VII. It's no fun if the homies getteth none
IX. Never covet thy neighbors bitch
X. Fuck the police
by Freakniks freaky friend LK April 15, 2010
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The commandment that a ganster follow while he lives. They say there are 10 commandments that change in writing, but not meaning.
"If thou are a bitch, ye shall not breathe" is a ghetto commandment which means to man up.
by IIsword April 07, 2010
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