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A fashion trend which features exposed underwear (bras, panties etc), skin-tight clothing, super short skirts, long decorated artificial nails, and multi-colored hair weaves. Generally intended to expose too much and leave little to the imagination. Usually worn by skanks and hoochie mamas.
Viola was looking her ghetto chic best in low rider jeans and pink bra top.
by Reader Girl August 22, 2009
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capitalizing on poverty to sell music and clothes while ignoring the class antagonism that incites consumers' emotions to buy those commodities
You: yea son this young jeezy music is my shit, i be hustlin in the trap all day w my chains and ice, fuck the po and rich whities

Me: you's fetishizing the ghetto as fashionable when it is a really sad effect of racism and classism that we should struggle against rather than perpetuate through buying commodities white people get paid off of; fuckz dat ghetto chic
by joan copjec June 04, 2011
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A person who is just as much, if not more, of a douche bag as everyone else yet has been led to the misperception that their life is more important than it actually is and thus treats others under this assumption. These people are generally far more impressed with their existence than anyone else.
“Stephanie is too good to talk to me now that she got her mullet trimmed
“yeah she’s ghetto chic” (stated with dry enthusiasm)

by Shawna L November 13, 2006
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