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A vehicle, usually at LEAST 10 years old, that runs like shit, but has a set of rims that are double, sometimes triple the value of the actual vehicle, and sometimes a sound system worth even more.
Most commonly driven by, but not always limited to, people residing in the ghetto, or african americans.
You can usually hear them coming from the neighboring area code, weither its the stereo turned all the way up or just the sound the shitbox vehicle makes while accelerating.
Guy who's misfortune has lead him to drive through the ghetto: Whats that noise

(buzzzzzzz, clank, clank, clank,bump bump, thump)

shiney ass rims on a 1992 ford contour passes by

Passenger thats familiar with the area: O thats a Ghetto Bentley, you cant get that at the dealership
by Ghetto slang a licious April 16, 2009
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