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Ghetthoe is a form of hoe that is seriously ghetto....
One person in particular called Kara {Kar-rah} whom visits BWSC-Bored, We Should Chat, on iz extremely ghetthoe with such words as "Yeah Right" & "Whateve"
Often tries to cover it up and deny all claims and prevents anyone getting any suspicion hence the term Hoe in conjoint to Ghetto...
(Often the person has a massive booty, Kara's been called Rufus)
So meaning Person in denial of thier roots, whom tries to divert attention them and their acting Non- Ghettoness"

20:15 Kara: Looks like my ass is about to eat the girl standing behind me.
20:15 Sb: thatz one ghetthoe ass

15:01 Kara: What cant you say?
15:01 Kurtainz: i'm not telling him
15:01 Kara : Tell me
15:01 Kara: DO IT NOW
15:01 Sb: SO Ghetthoe
by JSbeezy May 22, 2009
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