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Ghandding, or, to ghandd, is the act of spitting on your hand and spanking the innards of your asshole. It usually results in a loud "clap" sound and a swollen asshole that lasts for several hours. It also causes massive levels of dopamine to be released in your brain, making it more addicting than cocaine. It isn't unhealthy however, as it loosens up your muscles, making it very popular for athletes to group ghandd before their games. Partners also ghandd together, as it is a very romantic thing to do. Friends also group ghandd as it makes for a joyful and playful experience. Typically, however, people ghandd on their own free time by themselves as they feel uncomfortable ghandding in front of others.
Jeniffer Lopez ghandded on live tv.
by The Ghanddist September 22, 2014
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