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Arabic word for expressing a humorous form of retardation. It is common throughout the Memphis ,Tennessee area to hear a lot of this "ghalaza". There are some very strong ghalaza'ers in Memphis. Forms of ghalaza include, singing in a dumb voice, staring at someone for no particular reason, making retarded faces, loling for no reason, and many many manyyy more.

BEWM BEWM PAO is a very effective and hardcore form of ghalaza.

Ghalaza takes lots of practice for some, and comes natural for others. Don't be discouraged if you do not have the ghalaza within you. You will develop effective ghalaza over time.
A very epic form of ghalaza is the Ghalaza Face. The ghalaza face consists of the raising of lips in a small circle, scrunching up ur nose in a weird way, and making your eyebrows make a sort of diagonal form. Do this when one is trying to bring up a serious conversation. How? Follow these steps:
1. Look at the person with sincerity and let them know your listening.

2. Listen for the first 30 seconds, (make sure they are speaking for more than 45 seconds or this is not worth it)
3. After 31 seconds, pretend to care til 45 seconds.
4. at the 46th second, flash the Ghalaza Face.
(this is very effective if you nod or shake your head at the same time and make a noise that sounds like a constipated cow)
by Hai, I'm ai Ghalaza Mayuster December 10, 2009
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