On April 30th it’s national get a bf/gf day if you’re single and you ask your crush out (if they’re single) they have to say yes but plz note that they can dump u the next day so be aware
April 30th is the national bf/gf day I won’t be single today
by Someone named omar April 28, 2018
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January 16th is the dopest day of the month otha than the 27th. It is jennday
hey babe we going to Olive Garden
her: omg rlly why?
cus it’s national best gf day
by gangties January 15, 2021
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Get a girlfriend day giyuu tomioka you lazy whore (just ask somebody out im tired of youre ass always being single) -Obani iguro
On july 3 get a gf “hey shinobu be my gf cause im single
#national get a gf day
by Obani_FuckingIguro July 3, 2021
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Happy not-anniversary, but it’s a special day. Tell them you love them and you honor them. ❤️❤️
Me:Happy February 9th!
You: why’s it specia?
Me: it’s February 9th, national bf/gf day!!
You: ok yay!
by dropling December 7, 2020
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On March 17, it is national get a gf day
Go get you a love of your life on this day
Hey , u wanna go out with me

Adeline- yesssss

Austin - I love you baby🥰
National Get a Gf Day
by Onions smell March 16, 2020
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January 16 is national kiss ur gf day!!!
Boyfriend: hey

Girlfriend: what’s up?
Boyfriend: (kisses her)
Girlfriend: it must be January 16th
by Liz_urbandictionary November 25, 2019
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