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Very sweet and kind hearted. Getzabell is a person you would love to talk to and to be a able to say anything to. She loves art and is very pretty and smart. She has lots of friends and lots of people she cares about. If you have a getzabell in your life you are beyond lucky She’s a fun and wonderful person, get to know her and she’ll show you new things.
Girl 1:omg is that getzabell?
Girl 2: Yes! And I love her!!
Girl 1: I would love to her to know her!
by October 07, 2018
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A dumb girl that has a loud mouth and will tell every little secret to the whole school. She is super ugly and has bucked teeth. Booger boys only like her. She will hypnotize you to be her friend and is an evil little creature. She could only get a little bit friends.
Girl one: Ewww is that Getzabell she looks like a burnt toad. Girl two: Yep she's the one that possessed me and I became her friend, but that was years ago, I hate her now. Girl one: I will never be around her.
by ~jewel~ March 19, 2017
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