Getting eaten out. The act when one is eating out a girls pussy. A girl getting oral sex. A phrase used commonly in the real orange county.
by two effing amazing girls June 14, 2009
get really stoned. Mainly on Pot, because your eyes seem to squint (like a chinaman) when your high.
After the Lacrosse game let's get chinese.
by ALEXfromExeter July 25, 2005
1) When eating any meat product that has bones in it, proceed to clean off all remaining meat until the bone shines like a brand new quarter.
A)Hey... are you going to finish those chicken wings?
B) What do you mean? There's nothing left on it.
A) Hold up, I'm gonna get all Chinese on it.
(proceeds to suck off any cartilage and marrow until only the bone remains )
by Hao Long April 24, 2010