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The term *gets coat* is a phrase used usually after a joke that has failed, or one that is terrible/in bad taste. Usually found on forums and internet message boards.

On other occasions, those with extended wit can often be found using such alterations as *doesn't have a coat*.

It's origins could be traced back to a series of sketches in the Fast Show, which ended with Mark Williams saying "I'll get me coat" after saying something which made him look like an idiot.
An example of this is as follows:

Person 1: I've just been on a boat.
Person 2: Did you have a whale of a time?
Person 3: *gets coat*
*gets coat* may also be found spoken by Person 2 at the bottom of their post, if they realise the appalling nature of their joke before posting.
by Jack Hayman March 27, 2005
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