A term used to define someone who will(at some point) be hanged for their actions, usually degenerate actions.
1: “dude, I heard that Tanya has over 30 bodies”

2: “Sounds like Tanya is gonna Get the Rope
by LigmaSawconNigga December 20, 2019
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going to beat the living shit out ou some little bitch. or going to kill some one who wronged you literaly or as a figure of speech. when your done you hang him on a tree by whatever body part you want.
hey he just grabbed my friends sisters ass! thats it im getting my rope!
you dare cheat on me with my best friend im getting my rope for him and your watching!
you spilled my beer im gettin my rope boy!
by sr. ropy January 16, 2011
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to get involved in a situation you have no interest in whatsoever, e.g when your two friends are quarrelling over something and they want you to take a side
-Dude, Bob and Craig are quarrelling about which one's pubes are curlier. We'd better duck out before we get roped in
by ana von hindenburg October 28, 2010
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