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a new rock-punk-screamo band that just got their songs on itunes. their songs include "if only she knew voodoo like i do" "lock the doors" and "you are what you are". nicholas (the singer) is ammmmmaaaazzzzing. he has a surprisingly high-pitched voice. get scared is often compared to escape the fate. get scared is a new band and could use all the support they can get. you can find them on their myspace: or check out their music on youtube.
Person 1: omgg that singer from the band Get Scared is sooooo hawt

Person 2: ummmm hes kind of creepy looking

Person 1: ya.... but his voice is really good and he is a good dancer. which makes him hawt.

Person 2: oh ok i'll check him out
by LushLuver August 13, 2009
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A Band filled with metal, screamo, and repeatable tunes. They have been #1 in countries, and in hearts
Get Scared is an amazing band
by semiart March 19, 2017
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