In middle school and you go to lunch, forgetting that you left your lock unlocked. And when you come back from lunch someone has locked your lock for you, backwards.
Getting frenched
by Rapterdragon83 November 25, 2019
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Said to someone who's extremly slow at understanding something just as they get it. This mimics the end of 'Honey I shrunk the kids' where it takes one kid the entire film to get a joke.
Dave: a horse walks into a bar, the barman say's why the long face?
Sara: I don't get the horse sad? cos Horses have got long heads.
Dave: Oh I get it, French Class!!
by SimpsonXL September 10, 2008
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When everyone all of a sudden gets silent, you ask the question, "Did you get the French Toast?" to break the silence. This usually starts a 20-30 min. conversation confusing the hell out of people.
All of a sudden, everyone outside at the camp fire got super quiet; I then asked the question, "Did you get the French Toast?" This broke the silence for sure.
by SupBros July 06, 2017
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To get French with someone means to French kiss someone.
- You went out with Lisa right?

- Yeah. She was okay. The most she'd do was get French with me though.

- ... Forget her then.
by A-tom November 30, 2012
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