(V, imperative) Literally a command to go to the local health clinic or Planned Parenthood and get yourself checked for STDs. However, "get checked"is almost always taken as an insult for usage of the term implies that the person is sexually promiscuous (a whore), or has recently engaged in sexually promiscuous activity.
Al Gore: heh, I heard you finally got to 3rd base with the boss
Monica Lewinski: wef
Al Gore: get checked, ho
Monica Lewinski: dude fuck you

Raquel: haha, thats disgusting, those two guys in the same night, really?
Helen: herp derp lol i dunno wat ur talking about herp derp
Raquel: get checked
Helen: grr
Raquel: problem?
Helen: ffff-
Raquel: lolumad
by Socra-tease March 1, 2011
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used to express exasperation after explaining a topic to someone whom is just not getting it
No girl, a asshat is like someone who has their head up their ass.

How can they have their head up their ass when you said they have a hat on it?

Girl, you can get a check!!!
by vee stevens March 18, 2005
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a term used by the brault guy when he pulls up to kustomwerx autobody in that van and has that flip phone and needs to get the check for paint supplies and materials
"hey there partner how ya doing, ima need to get that check, you got that check?
by getthatcheck1 May 17, 2014
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it means to get yourself together or like check your self cause thats wrong

(created by maggie on oct. 28, 17)
" You're outfit is too small you gotta get a check on that"
" I'm so hungry", "well then go get some food and get a check on that"
by swagdawgmag October 29, 2017
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