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1.) Mr. Sandal-hat from the popular anime "Bleach".

2.) One who insistently yells PEN0R around and about at random times, much to the surprise of the black people.

3.) A generic non-specific scene emo kid that is so skinny, your grandmother will think he is HIV positive.

4.) The guy that girls (or guys) fall in love with even though he treats them like shit and doesnt even like them.
"Gerryn almost killed Ichigo during zanpaktou practice..."

"What the hell man? That Gerryn kid just ran over to our place yellin pen0r. Those ravers are screwed up."

"Hey Paul, that Gerryn kid that was in the chair, are you sure he isnt HIV positive?"

"I know Gerryn won't talk to me, but he's the love of my life and we're going to have a family together one day."
by sea creature October 17, 2008
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