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Small-sized (S & XS), high-quality & high-cost rubber penile sheaths manufactured in Grossdeutschland (Greater Germany), or produced for Germanic males. Hence, identical in all respects to Japanese Condoms, but of smaller size & greater durability than French Condoms.

German condom brands such as Fromm, Masculan, Billy Boy, Condomi & Ritex are all produced in smaller sizes:

"Germans too small for condoms? Ja, says Munich's Focus magazine. Compared to the rest of Europe, one size does not fit all.

'Too big' was the pronouncement of the Munich magazine Focus, in a recent article about German genitalia. Sadly for the men implicated, the article was talking about the size of standard European condoms, not the men who wear them. In 1996, in order to promote economic & cultural exchange throughout Europe, the European Union decided upon a standard size of condom - 6.63 inches in length & a range of 1.7 to 2.2 inches in width, to be exact.

According to Focus, a study conducted by the German condom manufacturer Condomi found that the standard European condom fell off of half of the men polled. The average German penis is about 3.5 to 4 millimeters (0.13 to 0.15 in.) too narrow for the standard EN 600 condom, said the magazine, proving once & for all that size really does matter." ('Germans too small for condoms?' J A Getzlaff. Salon Mon. 6 Mar 2000.
1) Parisienne: Did you hear? Estelle Gautier married un Allemand (a German)!
Lyonnaise: So is it true German men have small penises?
Parisienne: Oui! His sister has to send him German condoms as French Condoms are too big for him!

2) "It's a little known fact that the average German penis cant fill the average condom." 'Dirty Words' Ellen Sussman. NY: Bloomsbury, 2008, p 182.

Berlin - Most German men wear condoms of the wrong size, a condom distributor has said, after asking more than 2,500 men to measure their erect penis.
'People measure their feet when they buy shoes. Why shouldn't they measure their penises? A man would not wear children's shoes,' said Jan Vinzenz Krause of Vinico, which released the study's findings on World AIDS Day.
Most condom boxes in Germany indicated size but men, due to embarrassment or vanity, rarely checked or just bought those marked "extra large", he said on Wed.
Vinico's survey recommended various brands to be used -- depending on the endowment of the wearer. The study found the avg. erect penis size was 14.7 cm (5-3/4 in.), with 40% of participants reporting lengths between 12 & 15 cm (4-3/4 & 5-7/8 in.).
When compared with the condoms normally used by the participants, the results showed only 18% wore the right size, with nearly half squeezing into condoms that were too small & 34% trying to use those that were too big." - Reuters Wed 1 Dec 2004.
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