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Geren is an awesome,Loving , and kind person . He is super hot and tends to always have beautiful blue eyes and handsomely dark hair. He has the cutest smile ever ever though he disagrees. He will always have someone by his side. He will usually tend to date blondes but once in a while he will go Burnett . He has a kick ass personality and isn’t afraid to fight for what he wants. He will always respect and protect his girl no matter what. However Geren is very unpredictable but it will always turn out good. Overall Geren is the best person you will ever meet! Plus he’s hottt and has an amazing smile !!! He’s your dream guy!! He also plays baseball and football and he’s fucking awesome at it!
Damnnn did you see Geren today he’s lookin hella fine!

Damnnn he even has a six pack🤤🤤
by heyy hottie October 27, 2018
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Geren is a very unique person. Finding someone named Geren is as rare as finding a Unicorn. He is as valuable as a Unicorn as well. If you find someone named Geren you better hang on to him. He is loyal and hard working. He will bless your life.
“Have you seen Bigfoot?”
“No, but I’ve seen Geren.”
by Emptyrekrap June 25, 2018
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A geren is the most amazing boyfriend you will ever have, it’s not every day you come by a geren they are unfortunately very rare and hard to obtain, gerens will always have icy blue eyes and handsomely dark hair he will most likely have freackels and/or dimples, he is the most athletic guy you will ever meet, if you ever date a geren you better stick around he will treat you like no one else will/has
Geren: I’m so sorry that you are hurting would you like me to come over and we could watch movies and snuggle?
You: omg geren you are the best
by heyy hottie December 17, 2018
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