A Cool Funny And Handsome Guy Who Is Very Outgoing And Gets Along With Everybody. Sometimes He's Annoying But Hes A True Friend And Is Always Honest.He Gets All The Girls And Is A Player.
Girl 1:Hey That Guy Over Ther Is Hot
Girl 2: Yup Hes Deffinatly a Geovanny!
Girl 1: Yup He IS!
by Katy155 November 17, 2011
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Geovanny is a quiet person at first but once you get to know him, you will be great friends with him. He can be a class clown, making everybody laugh - a really funny person. You might even end up calling him a Melinda. He can sometimes take things personal and stand up to his beliefs. That is what makes Geovanny a great person.
by TWOYRRITE December 23, 2017
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A very nice and lovable boy. Geovanny(s) usually always taken to a white girl with a big booty and brownish hair. He knows how to make people happy and usually has a small section of best friends because he finds it hard to trust people. But once you become bestfriends with geovanny, you know you can trust him.
-example 1-
Person1: Oh my god, do you see that girl?
Person2: Thats Geovanny's girl! He'll beat your ass if you talk to her.
Person1: But shes so damn hot and her ass is OUTTA THIS WORLD!

-example 2-

Person1: Do you see how nice that boy is?
Person2: He's geovanny! He's always nice.
Person1: I bet his girlfriend is lucky!
by 2017 is coming! run December 23, 2016
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He will talk about his dreams and make you feel as if you were in it with him. His story is about the flower that fights its way through the concrete. His mindset is a whole constellation to connect. His words write themselves in a book. He tells the girl his hopes and dreams, and she hopes she stays. His canvas is a line between a burst of sunshine and a storm. If anything, he isn't living life; life is living him. Maybe that's why green is his color.
Geovanny, think of how easily it was for me to guess your color. Green means life :)
by Anonymous.flower.101 January 26, 2021
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Geovanny is a heartwarming,cute,hot, guy who likes to work out and can be really nice with you but if you are nice to him he is a very funny guy and love all his girl by his side he'll keep on loving them till he gives up he can mess up some times but at the end he'll realize that he messed up
girl 1-that's a really cute guy

Girl 2-its a Geovanny
Girl 1-yup it has to be
by ReallyCoooolGuy October 18, 2019
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Geovanny is usually a black mexican with a big heart he’s usually surrounded with a couple of people because he got the trust issues he’s usually tall and has a little dick but he’s a great guy and is down to make anyone happy
Who’s that new kid? Oh yea it’s Geovanny
by Jerrywiththebigbbc December 17, 2019
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