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A Cool Funny And Handsome Guy Who Is Very Outgoing And Gets Along With Everybody. Sometimes He's Annoying But Hes A True Friend And Is Always Honest.He Gets All The Girls And Is A Player.
Girl 1:Hey That Guy Over Ther Is Hot
Girl 2: Yup Hes Deffinatly a Geovanny!
Girl 1: Yup He IS!
by Katy155 November 17, 2011
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A very nice and lovable boy. Geovanny(s) usually always taken to a white girl with a big booty and brownish hair. He knows how to make people happy and usually has a small section of best friends because he finds it hard to trust people. But once you become bestfriends with geovanny, you know you can trust him.
-example 1-
Person1: Oh my god, do you see that girl?
Person2: Thats Geovanny's girl! He'll beat your ass if you talk to her.
Person1: But shes so damn hot and her ass is OUTTA THIS WORLD!

-example 2-

Person1: Do you see how nice that boy is?
Person2: He's geovanny! He's always nice.
Person1: I bet his girlfriend is lucky!
by 2017 is coming! run December 23, 2016
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Geovanny is a quiet person at first but once you get to know him, you will be great friends with him. He can be a class clown, making everybody laugh - a really funny person. You might even end up calling him a Melinda. He can sometimes take things personal and stand up to his beliefs. That is what makes Geovanny a great person.
by TWOYRRITE April 21, 2018
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