A mixed drink containing black coffee and a shot of tequila
Holy shit am I hung over from that party last night. Someone mix me a black Mexican so I can get out of bed.
by Matthew Creveling January 10, 2017
an expensive good type of heroin
Yo man all he had was cheap stuff so i couldnt get the mexican black tar
by Bassmasta4lyfe June 27, 2006
Black Mexican food is a combination of Jackie Moist and Ace, a more mathematical way is Jackie Moist + Ace = Black Mexican Food.
damn did you try black Mexican food?
"You mean ace and Jackie Moist?"
by birdsarentreal2018 November 24, 2018
A Haitian masquerading as a Mexican national to take the long way to NYC. Also inserting a mezcal worm up the balloon knot.
I saw a black Mexican knee boarding on the Rio Grande. Probably a world traveler.
by Jedsall August 7, 2022