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Geosexual, is an emerging term for people that feel confined by the labels of sexual orientation provided to us by contemporary society. Geosexuals generally define themselves by the causes they champion or the personal passions they pursue, than defining themselves by their sexual orientation of the moment. While the term is generally used among environmentalists, nature lovers and those that enjoy outdoor adventure, the term is being adopted by other groups as well. Geosexuals generally believe that all humans have the capacity to appreciate the physical beauty of both sexes, even if they themselves don't act on those feelings. Geosexuals can run the spectrum from a heterosexual man or woman that finds it to uncool to be labeled straight, that might find comradery with their Gay or Lesbian friends to a Gay man or Lesbian that enjoys the comradery of heterosexuals and their culture. Multicultural by nature, Geosexuals often enjoy being a part of both the straight and gay communities or a more global community.
John does not like the term, geosexual, because his hates any label, but is constantly called one.
by Futuro October 31, 2011
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