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Georgia Tech is a good school for undergraduates IF YOU ARE REALLY SMART. Do not go there if you are an average student you will not have a good time. You will study your ass off and still fail. If you are reading this and disagree with me than you are probably a smart person and I envy you. Not everyone can be smart like you asshole! Yeah I'm talking to you!

I go there and I was in way over my head. I have pulled many all nighters trying to study for the classes and I still end up failing.

If you get into Georgia Tech that does not mean that you can do the course work. It would be better to go to a smaller school and get your undergrad and then get your masters at Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech is a trap school for people like me. I could go on about it, but why bother.

Positives: Campus life is fun even though a lot of people there are introverts and socially awkward so it is hard to start a conversation with people and there is a lot to do in Atlanta. People complain about the girls, but they are not that bad.
ME. I am an engineering student there. I am an example of what happens to a person who only has average intelligence and they go to Georgia Tech. I am now a depressed self-loathing loser.
by DepressedYellowJacket September 23, 2012
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A school full of high school Valedictorian's and creepy nerds. Every student was either an overachiever or a slacking genius in high school - now they're desparately trying to make C's in Physics 2. The only "normal" ones are the Management majors - they get to sleep and go out drinking during the week while those with real majors have to study their asses off day and night.

The ratio is infamous. Men complain that the women are bitches, women complain that the men haven't hit puberty yet. There are three times as many guys as girls, yet there only seem to be about five dateable men on campus - the rest are busy playing World of Warcraft.

However, all the students at Tech can console themselves with the knowledge that if they do manage to survive and get their degree (even if it takes six years), it can never get worse. Also, they'll be making a lot of money as the bosses of UGA students.
At 3AM, my high school friends at UGA are out having a good time or sleeping. At 3AM, I am part way into studying for another test that I'm probably going to fail anyway. Screw you, Georgia Tech.

I need some liquor.
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The lack of happiness.
There are two times that a Georgia Tech student is happy: when they get in, and when they get out.
by A GA Tech Student November 12, 2009
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A black hole for all things good in nature. It consumes all things good. Students consume large quantities of beer and liquor to help cope with the daily onslaught of anal reemage from the faculty and staff. Is also notorious for having hidious members of the female sex.
John entered Georgia Tech with a 1510 on his sat and a 4.0 GPA but graduated with a 2.3 and a drinking problem.
by yourmothersuckscocksinhell November 03, 2005
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An American Institution famous for screwing its undergraduates. In addition, when undergrads look for hope in graduate schools like an MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, Caltech, or UCLA, they realize that Georgia Tech as destroyed all their hope by giving them GPAs a full 1.5 points lower then the competition.

As a result, they end up doing their graduate studies in the same school that drove them so often to suicide as undergraduates.
Stanford's 2007 incoming graduate engineering class consisted of MIT, Stanford, Caltech, Berkeley, and UCLA undergrads. All Georgia Tech applicants failed to meet the 3.0 GPA requirements, in spite of a near perfect average on the GREs.
by Dark Lorde March 31, 2007
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A school that sucks the life out of innocent individuals that thought they were going to get a good education out of it.

Also the REAL male population consists of either drunk ass fratboys, greasy nerds that do nothing but drool over sorority girls, or people that think they have the social ability and charisma to hook up with a 'cute girl' and bitch about the lack of selection when chances are the fat chick sitting across from you on the Stinger has a GPA a good 2.5 points higher than yours.
Georgia Tech raped me in the ass and left me for dead.
by Paprika-chan September 15, 2006
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