Japanese American actor who is best known as starship Enterprise helmsman Hikaru Sulu on the original Star Trek TV show. He also appeared as Admiral Sulu in some Star Trek movies (where he raised a daughter too) and he's also voiced in as Sulu in the animated TV series. He's also starred in a movie about the Green Berets with John Wayne, performed in Shakespeare plays, and many TV shows (as a guest), TV ads, and movies and more. As a child he and his kin were detained in a Japanese American detention center during World War II. He doesn't seem to be too sour over this act of xenophobia and stupidity.

A few years ago he "came out of the closet", yes Virginia he's gay. Who woulda guessed? He certainly doesn't "fit the stereotype" . I didn't know he's about 70 years of age either. He got hitched to his longtime partner last year before California enacted Proposition 8.
I met George Takei at a Trekkie convention at a Holiday Inn. He was very calm and polite, he'd gladly answer any question you had, he'd gladly sign anything you had, he shook my hand then he posed while giving the "Live Long And Prosper" hand sign and smiling while I took a snapshot. I would later see, talk to and meet other Star Trek actors and actresses in the years to come but of all them George Takei was the coolest! He's got none of that "superstar" ego problem. All you "fag basher"s can say what you will but he is a very intelligent and nice person. That afternoon at the convention was a pleasant one and meeting George Takei was a fun unforgettable experience. What else matters?
by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 13, 2009
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The "live long and prosper" sign taken from the t.v program Star Trek, where the middle and ring fingers come apart and touch those fingers adjacent to them, displayed to someone as a sign of respect for a noble or hilarious action they have just committed.
Well done, you've earned that George Takei
by xndrh1 January 9, 2009
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A condition afflicting Facebook users causing them to go overboard in re-posting things to their feed (videos, pictures, memes, etc.). Named for Star Trek star George "Sulu" Takei, whose constant posting of humorous memes has lead to his being hailed as "the funniest guy on Facebook."
"Dude, how much crap do you post to your timeline every day? You need to calm down, it's like you have The George Takei Syndrome!"
by stewbeef August 11, 2012
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