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He is the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the United Kingdom. A very typical, rich, posh, upper-class creep. He also owes £55,000 to the public for changing his second home in order to pay less capital gains tax and I swear he gets sexually aroused or gets some sick kick out of bringing in more and more spending cuts.

In 2001 he officially had his lips stitched to David Cameron's arse.

He has used the jet-wash a grand total of once in his life, a known homophobe, he physically runs away from the press and interviewers and continues to prove his stupidity and lack of knowledge of the real world through his seemingly un-ending pissing on the Working Class and public sectors (Much like any Tory). It is absolutely of no surprise to me that his first job was entering names of dead people into an NHS computer, which is also ironic.

To conclude he is an arrogant, upper-class, privately educated jerk who lives only to piss on people lower that him to keep himself rich. George Osborne is easily identifiable as the dog shit you find on the pavement, actually, no... That would an insult to dog shit...
David Cameron: The country seems to be a bit in bother don't you think?

George Osborne: Why I have an excellent proposition!

David: What's that George?

George: More spending cuts!

David: Ahh, yes. My pocket's lining was starting to wear fairly thin...

George: Will we re-line our pockets, instead of dealing with our country's problems, we can insult that big-nosed buffoon Ed Miliband and his troop of filthy, good-for-nothing labourers!

David: Spiffing!
by The Reborn Messenger March 02, 2012
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