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The elaborate mixed meaning coin from a LiveJournal user I presented the ban hammer to because he called me the r-word. The user is known as Aske as he was trying to invoke a LiveJournal vs. Diary-X war after he blasted my diary-x present. This one was coined by the blogger as he would pull out elaborate insults on me as I revealed to be a Conservative on the community as I became in contact with the one of the era Conservatisim admins as I donated paid time to the community.

One of their members became the co-maintainer for many years as I came back in 2004 as this one pointed out, "You proved them all to be liars." Some of those users tried to lay into the light blue wordpress blog in the new tens where I showed why I became the maintainer in 2002. The coin either can be taken as an insult or a badge of honor, where I saw Bush speak up for marriage being between a man and woman I contributed to him being in four more years. One of my promo-photos was noted for a Bush-Cheney denim button-down with a Dali tie.
The kangaroo-jockey's livejournal rant, "Shit did he just ban 40 people in one day, there's going to be drinking game at the expense of George W. Bush of The Goth Community."

I became noted on LiveJournal over challenging a blogtroll to a fist fight as the comment was I am standing in line to kick the bastard's ass over his trolling on Conservatism as he took a swipe at my personal website claiming "He will never be published" as I got picked up by The House of Pain, less than a year later and was accepted in an anthology for the first time. This became noted as the faggot writer's nightmare come true as the staunch Republican invaded the horror circles with an excessive level of force as The Cabbie Homicide was still having momentum as The Fandom Writer was pissing off slash fanfiction writers left and right as there's a few versions now floating around. The original version was pulled from AuthorsDen for a character that plays off the two writers who I managed to be on the radar, this is before the Illinois Hemorroid crack.
by ilinoishorrorman May 03, 2018
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