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someone who hates a certain genre of music to the point of putting down the music or anyone listening to it.
"wtf, you idiot, turn off that rap. you cant spell crap without rap" "shut up you Genrist, ima snuff you!"

"Jimmy, turn off that screaming devils music!" "mom, your such a Genrist, its the devil wears prada, they massacre the devil with their holy rage!"
by Spinkicking Satan in the face December 19, 2007
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From the words racist and sexist, comes a new -ist word. A genrist is someone who things some or one music genre is superior to another, just as a racist would think their race is better than another. Most genrists consist of people who love rap, but hate anything that includes a guitar, while some genrists believe that anything that rap shouldn't be considered music and is a disgrace. However, genrists consist of all different combinations in interests.
Dick: I hate rap and hip-hop. It's so stupid.

Jane: How can you hate rap and hip-hop? You're such a genrist. If you hate rap and hip-hop, what do you like? Rock?

Dick: Ha! That's even worse!

Jane: Then what the hell do you listen to?

Dick: Country and emo, duh.
by Vanillamayor November 24, 2008
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The belief that the genre of music accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular genre of music is superior to others.
Discrimination or prejudice based on musical genre
Gino is a genrist. He thinks people who listen to hip-hop should get a life!
by vinod Bharathan May 19, 2004
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