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Pronounced: Jen-uh-tray-tor
Origin: From the Greek word 'Geno' (Race) and the English word 'traitor'.

A person who engages in any form of passionate physical encounter with a person of a different ethnic group; whether that encounter be casual kissing, romantic kissing, sexual intercourse or any other form of intimate physical contact.

The term genotraitor applies especially to people who marrty and procreate with people of different ethnicity.

The opposite of a genotraitor is a 'genoist' (Jen-oh-ist), meaning 'loyal to one's race'. Calling someone a 'genotraitor' can signify anything from dissapproval to disgust at someone's relationship.
"There are a lot of genotraitors in this town".
"Aye he's a genotraitor, he's dating a black girl".
"Aye she's a genotraitor, she's dating a Chinese guy"
"I didn't know you were a genotraitor".
"No I will not kiss you! I'm not an genotraitor!"
"Are you a genotraitor?"
by Righteian April 17, 2012
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