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Selective attention to some cases of genocide, and conversely the discounting of others. Particularly with reference to modern America's willful blindness toward past atrocities perpetrated against minority populations (e.g. blacks, indians, etc.), and the residual effects with which members of such populations continue to struggle. Coined by Kendrick Lamar.
"The plot is bigger than me, its generational hatred.
It's genocism, it's grimy, little justification.
I'm African-American, I'm African
I'm black as the heart of a fucking Aryan
I'm black as the name of Tyrone and Darius

Excuse my french, but fuck you - no fuck y'all
That's as blunt as it gets. I know you hate me, don't you?
You hate my people, I can tell causes it's threats when I see you

I can tell cause your ways deceitful

Know I can tell because your in love with that desert eagle

Thinkin' maliciously, he get a chain then you gon bleed him"
- Kendrick Lamar, Blacker the Berry
by John? John. April 06, 2015
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