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She is a nice, caring, funny, amazing, lit, and, chill person who always knows how to make someone's day. She love to joke around a lot and simply know what's best for other. She is humble and make sure to put others before her. She is serious on certain topics but sometimes it is hard to tell when shes joking around or being serious. Overall Gennessey is a good person to be around and a good friend to have to cheer you up. Make sure that whatever happens that you always have her by your side to help you get through things.
Have you ever met a Gennessy?
by justinz_2.0 August 02, 2018
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A very beautiful woman that is cute, funny, smart, cool, and chill. Has very beautiful friends. Has a great sense of humor. Likes Dancing and Singing. Attractive and intelligent.
Deborah said to her best friend Gennessy " Hey, lets have a sleepover and an all-nighter. You are the most best friend I have ever had".
by Gennessy June 29, 2015
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