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when a man skull-F***s another man so hard his great grandson occasionally reaches to the back of his head and goes ow

invented by Rayne Summers, main character of the comic "Least I Could Do"
"ow, what the heck?"
"i dunno, just felt a sharp pain on the back of my head"
"maybe your a victim of generational sodomy"
by LICD August 14, 2009
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A term coined by Rayne Summers of

It is the action of skull-fucking a man so hard that his great grandchildren occasionally reach to the backs of their heads and say "ow"

essentially changing someones genes with your cock
Skull-fucker: "Oh yeah! take it!"

-hundreds of years later-

Some random guy: "Ow! what was that?!"
Random guys friend: "thats generational sodomy!"
by firecrackerjoe August 14, 2009
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