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one of the most beautiful girls and is wanted by every boy , but is still very loyal to who ever she is with . She is super smart and funny and will make you want to be around her all the time . Gehna is also a very loving and caring person but she might not show it in the beginning because she doesn't to like to care for someone who doesn't care about her and doesn't want to be taken advantage of . she also has a hot body and makes all the guys stare and pop boners and cum instantly when they see her . She doesn't need anybody and will never really show people how she is feeling even if she feels sad or mad because she doesn't like to show people she been hurt . You will also fall in love with Gehna and will always feel like your not good enough and will be waiting for the day she realizes it too , but she will always tell you not to think like that . And if your ever get the chance to be her boyfriend you'd be the luckiest guy in the world.
Joseph popped the biggest boner when he saw Gehna's sexy ass toes.
by bigOdonks_4512 July 05, 2018
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A very special girl to you. Very hot and sexy. Her hotness is so hot that if you look at her you zone out and all you can think about is her and nothing else for that moment and it feels like a dream. Always know how to make you smile or laugh because she has a good sense of humor. Always good in bed, people named Jacob will always think she's haut. The sexiest Indian you will ever see in your life, no matter what. Very hot!
Gehna was so hot that when Jacob saw her in the hallway, he stopped and drooled.
by Bob T. Builder, JJD November 07, 2016
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