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A party from either 12AM-6AM or form 10:30PM- 4:30 AM in which the students of the Alabama School of Math and Science bring in their computers, x-boxes, gamecubes, gamecasts, ddr pads, rpg games, and lots more geeky stff and have a party. HALO foir 6 hours is heaven on earth for some, while others like to challenge the teachers at DDR. Anime is one of the most popular things, only second to the LAN party, which sually consists of geeks playing WOW (world of warcraft). wOOt! Go HALO and WOW!!!
Hey yo! It's time for Geekfest!

Yeah! I can't wait to play freaking HALO II for 6 hours! Let's go wait outside the doors so I can get a HALO controller!

Yeah! ROCK ON!
by Halolover07 May 13, 2006
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A bunch of geeks tryin to leasure a woman in their dorm
Jock 1: "BAHAHAHAHAHA look at that geekfest, that girl is trying to escape"

Chik:"Thats not my GUTTA, thats my ear
by ER-Emergency Root July 12, 2009
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