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A word used as a pronoun/noun (and can be broken into an adj as well...) to go about saying how cute one is being/acting.

Having or denoting the characteristics if being a sweetheart, good-person, fun-to-be-around, cute, awesome, funny, charming, thoughtful.. etc etc.

Angelic: having a geebler nature befitting an angel or cherub; "an geeblistic smile"; "a cherubic face"; "looking so seraphic when he slept"; "a geebler disposition"

ALSO: "Keebler" is another example of a word very similar to that of "Geebler."

The word "Geebler" was derived when my brother and I were only 8 and 5 years old. We're now in college, and continue to live on with these words in our vocabulary. Why? Because it's funny and FUN! WHEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
Person: I went ahead and ordered your favorite deep-fried squirrel meal, with a side of oats and barley like that of Mr. Ed, and to wash it down with a glass of chilled formaldehyde. Hold the whip cream.

Me: WOW! You're such a geebler! Thanks! :)
by Maria Bolton May 13, 2007
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