She's a beautiful Asian girl. She's super weird and funny. An amazing friend to have. She will kill you with domo.
Geannie is the best friend I have
Geannie is so amazing

Geannie is so hot dammmmnn
by Geannie March 14, 2015
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funny gal who’s kind and beautiful. Not an barbie girl beautiful but almost like earthy wholesome one. Kind of a baddie Really fucking funny. Kind of kinky ,best in relationships of all kind ;) intellect and takes relationships serious no bs. impatient and impulsive
Geanni is fucking rare you lucky bastard.
by lovethatforyou789 January 02, 2019
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someone who’s really chill and not very needy. They will do anything for someone they care about. Strong and good character.
Geanni is someone you can depend on.
by Youranasshole9227 January 06, 2019
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