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Taylor Gang backwards. Used to make fun of Pittsburgh's most famous rapper's groupies(Fans, Faggots), even though he was not even born within the city. Used usually by Fans of Hip-Hop Music Group Odd Future, or generally, people who dislike Wiz Khalifa. I don't get how anyone can like anything from a hick city like Shittsburgh
Person 1-You hear that new Wiz? It goes hard!
Person 2-Gaylor Tang? HAHA! Fuck that gay hipster shit bullshit man, its all about Odd Future.
Person 1-Odd Future? They sound gay.
Person 2-Says the faggot hipster who loves a guy who reps Shitsburgh
Person 1-...
Person 2-Exactly, SWA666.
by CHICA666O June 30, 2011
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A lifestyle popularized by do-gooders all across America. Characterized by getting all of your homework done, laughing like a geek, and having an intense crush on Napoleon Dynamite. Also known as Gnag Rolyat.
<Bro1>Dude you want to go "Gaylor Tang" tonight?
<Bro1>Yeah, man, I got Napoleon on Blu-Ray, and this Calculus isn't going to do itself!
by HueJass1212 May 01, 2011
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