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The nickname for Pittsburgh by anyone not from there... I think the name says it all.
People from Shitsburgh have never been anywhere else in there world or only Cleveland.
by gladimnotfromwesternpa September 15, 2011
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a nickname for the shittiest city in the world, pittsburgh PA. if it weren't for the steelers, nobody would've even heard of this place
Teacher: "Name the two major cities in Pennsylvania."
Student: "Well we all know that Philadelphia is one, but what's the other? Is it...Shitsburgh?"
by ilyktittayz July 15, 2009
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A nickname for Pittsburgh for people that don't like it.
I currently go to the University of Pittsburgh as a freshman. My year has sucked so bad, so one day Shitsburgh just popped into my head.
Guy1: "Dude, where did you go for vacation?"

Guy2: "We were planning on going on a cruise, but my wife's parents called and they want us to visit them in Shitsburgh."
by shyguy91 March 29, 2011
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