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To be anally fucked, or a offensive gesture.
"I totally gayended her"


"Stop being a gayend"
by Sean Ferguson October 27, 2004
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This term takes two widely used insults in England and mixes them together. It originated in Wigan, a town full of Gay Ends (known by the locals as chavy mcscums or Chavs).

The term comes from two insults Bell End and... well..... Gay.

giving us the lovable term, Gay end.

Generally can be used to tell some one that they're a gay bell end in a more satisfying way. you want to play doctors and nurses?
B.Fuck you gay end! you want to play this piano with me?
B.dude your such a gay end.
by Bisk an Fuzz May 19, 2008
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A bellend that comes out covered in shit after a gay anal sex session.
I pulled my cock out of his ass, and it was covered in shit! I'm giving him an enema next time, I don't want another gayend!
by Pipster_uk April 28, 2009
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