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A gaydar is well known as a sence that makes a person able to single out a homosexual in a crowd.

A gaydar detector is a piece of machinary that singles out the person able to spot homosexuals in a crowd.

The form and color of the machinary varies from brand to brand.
Person 1: Hey you see that guy over there?
Person 2: ...yeah?
Person 1: Look at my Gaydar detector
Person 2: The needle is totally pointing towards him!
by Rollo Mungo November 30, 2009
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A kind of "sixth sense" that allows a flamboyantly homosexual man, or masculine homosexual woman, to play up their macho/feminine side upon entering a "gay-unfriendly" area.
Les's gaydar detector was going crazy when she drove to Laramie.
by dachagalluntum November 07, 2009
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